Deadly Lover


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“a compelling story. I loved the way that the secrets were revealed slowly and carefully” ~Marlene of Reading Reality

The Story

In the future, love can get you killed.

Security contractor Lily Rowan is clawing her way back to normalcy after a training mission gone horrifically wrong left her physically and emotionally broken. She’s returned to the city she grew up in, but not to hide from her nightmares, to face them. Living alongside the Ormney—genetically altered refugees who’ve settled in The Zone—is a daily reminder of the Ormney trainee who nearly took her life. Lily knew it would be tough, but she couldn’t have known coming home would drop her straight into a madman’s deadly game.

Someone is drugging Ormney men and turning them into mindless killers, reenacting the attack Lily barely survived. To stop the killing spree and put her own demons behind her, Lily must overcome her fear and work with Jolaj, a refugee Law Keeper with dangerous secrets and hidden motives of his own.

Jolaj long ago dedicated his life to his people. As a Searcher he slipped into the black nothing of inter-dimensional space day after day, risking everything to find them a new home. As a Law Keeper he is once again tending to their future. But working with Lily could prove to be the most difficult task he’s ever faced. Despite the Council’s decree making relationships with the outsiders forbidden, he’s finding it hard to keep the courageous Lily at a distance.

With the fragile peace between their people on the line, Lily and Jolaj must stop the horrific crimes before their growing attraction makes them the killer’s next targets.

In the near future, the world is forever altered by the arrival of refugees from a parallel universe. The Ormney refugees fled their dying world with no possessions, no technology, just a natural ability to slip in and out of phase with the world around them. Few survived the harrowing journey and those who did are restricted to a zone within the mega-city called the JAX Metropolitan Area, spanning the North Florida/South Georgia coastline.

With all that has changed, two things remain the same—serial killers still walk among us and murder is still as ugly and terrifying as ever.


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Deadly Lover is a stand-alone, full length scifi-romance/suspense novel.

Published April 17, 2015

New Cover 5/5/2016