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Tempting Jupiter Update


First, I am so grateful to everyone who still has the next Arena Dogs book on their wish list. Your messages have been a huge boon to me. I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer than necessary, so there won’t be a preorder or much lead-up for Tempting Jupiter. “LIST” subscribers will be first to know when I set a release date and the moment it’s available I’ll shout it out everywhere I can. I can’t wait to share Jupiter, Feeona, and Seneca with you.


Gladiator Giveaway!


paperback_giveawaySci-fi romance author Anna Hackett has a new book out in her brand new series, Galactic Gladiators! As part of the Gladiator Release Celebration, Anna, myself, and fellow sci-fi romance authors SE Smith and Susan Grant are giving away some action-packed, science fiction romance paperbacks.

All these books center around fierce arenas and gaming set in our distant future. THREE lucky winners will win copies of Anna’s book, Hell Squad: Marcus PLUS my book, Stealing Mercury or Susan’s Champion of Baresh, or SE’s Dagger’s Hope.

To enter the paperback giveaway, just leave a comment on Anna’s blog(international entries welcome):

The paperback giveaway is open until close of business Friday, don’t miss out!

And be sure to check out Anna’s new series. Currently at $.99!

gladiatorFighting for love, honor, and freedom on the galaxy’s lawless outer rim…

When Earth space marine Harper Adams finds herself abducted by alien slavers off a space station, her life turns into a battle for survival. Dumped into an arena on a desert planet on the outer rim, she finds herself face to face with a big, tattooed alien gladiator…the champion of the Kor Magna Arena.

A former prince abandoned to the arena as a teen, Raiden Tiago has long ago earned his freedom. Now he rules the arena, but he doesn’t fight for the glory, but instead for his own dark purpose–revenge against the Thraxian aliens who destroyed his planet. Then his existence is rocked by one small, fierce female fighter from an unknown planet called Earth.

Harper is determined to find a way home, but when she spots her best friend in the arena–a slave of the evil Thraxian aliens–she’ll do anything to save her friend…even join forces with the tough alpha male who sets her body on fire. But as Harper and Raiden step foot onto the blood-soaked sands of the arena, Harper worries that Raiden has his own dangerous agenda…

Note to readers: This sci fi romance contains a lot of action (think wild gladiatorial fights and daring rescues), tough gladiators (the warriors of the House of Galen) and a steamy romance (between a fierce space marine and a gritty alpha male gladiator). So if you like it fast, and gritty, and sexy, this is for you!


Stealing Mercury to be Featured


Excited to share that Stealing Mercury will be featured in the upcoming Books that need MORE Attention Giveaway Hop. SM is being featured by Angela at Angel’s Guilty Pleasures book blog. According to Angela “The theme of the hop is books that we loved, but haven’t gotten the attention they deserve.”  I’m truly honored to be included.

Angela is giving away a $5 Amazon gift card and a copy of Stealing Mercury during the hop. See her post starting the 3rd for more details.


Thanks Angela!

StealingMercury450   Books-that-need-more-attention-Giveaway-Hop   

Best laid plans…


I’m feeling a bit sad this week. Due to circumstances beyond my control I’ve had to cancel my attendance at the Indie Romance Convention taking place in Lebanon, TN. There were so many wonderful people I was looking forward to meeting!


For any of you that were hoping to see me there, please be sure to get in touch through the contacts form on my website and I’ll be sure to put you on my VIP list until I can find a way to make it up to you.

Have a fun weekend everyone!


Florida Readers: Event Reminder


This weekend, I’ll be at the 2nd Annual Romance Expo in Central Florida. I would love to meet you! I’ll have print copies of Stealing Mercury and Deadly Lover for $5 each plus other swag for ebook readers. If you already bought a print book, bring it with you and I’d be happy to sign that. There will be about 20 authors attending, with lots of prize giveaways and fun.

WT Bland Public Library
1995 N. Donnelly St.
Mount Dora, FL 32757
Phone: (352) 735-7180

10am – 1PM

Free to attend!

Arena Dogs, Book Two, Cover Reveal


Is Arena Dogs a series? You bet! The second book is called Tempting Jupiter and I finally have a cover to show off. I was hoping to have a release date, too. But alas, I’m not quite there yet. Still, it is on the way and I have not only the cover, but also the book description and the first scene of the book ready for you.

These great blogs are helping me reveal the cover and description:

6 Feet Under Book Blog
Angel’s Guilty Pleasures
Boundless Book Reviews
Monlatable Book Reviews
SFR Station
The Galaxy Express
The Reading Cafe
I Love Books Blog

You can read the opening of Tempting Jupiter here:  Tempting Jupiter, Scene One

To help celebrate the cover reveal, I am doing a mystery swag giveaway. Visit any of the blogs above to enter!


Tempting Jupiter Cover Reveal coming up!


One of the fun parts of putting a book together is selecting a cover. Or, In my case designing it! Yes, that is the joy of being indie and new, everything is DYI. I think it turned out pretty good. You’ll have to be the judge.

These great blogs are helping me celebrate the cover on August 7th:

6 Feet Under Book Blog
Angel’s Guilty Pleasures
Boundless Book Reviews
Monlatable Book Reviews
SFR Station
The Galaxy Express
The Reading Cafe
Tome Tender

Thank you lovely bloggers!

SFRB Summer Cafe Super Nova Week!



I’m excited to be participating the Super Nova Week of the SFRB Summer Cafe!

First, let me tell you about the opportunities to win!  There is a rafflecopter giveaway for the week, linked at the bottom of the post. I’m also giving away your choice of Stealing Mercury e-book, Deadly Lover e-book, or Stealing Mercury print edition (US only). To enter, just comment below with which book prize you’re interested in and I’ll draw one random winner on Thursday.

The Theme of the blog hop is the “summer Cafe” and I’ve been asked to post something that ties into the theme: recipes, excerpts,  or food from the book.

I’ve selected an excerpt from Stealing Mercury, that I like to call:

Samantha learns that making sure everyone gets to eat could be a recipe for disaster.


“You can’t be serious.” Samantha spun around to face Drake. He and Resler sat at the table tucked into a corner of the crew commons room. Twenty-four hours into the journey and they already looked comfortable and relaxed, while she was still suffering from the nerves chewing a hole through the lining of her stomach.

Drake had again dressed in all black, wearing the synth and leather like a macabre uniform. The precise cut of the thin beard that defined his jaw provided a stark contrast to Resler’s unkempt appearance. The man must not own a comb. A deck of silver and white lambda cards stretched across the shiny black expanse of the tabletop like an asteroid field. Their half-eaten meals had been shoved aside to make way for the game.

StealingMercury450“Very serious,” said Drake. “No food for the Dogs, Sam. None.” He met her glare with a calm that beat against Samantha’s outrage like water on baked coolie-clay. One good tap and she’d explode like a shower of pottery shards. “Come, sit.” He waved her forward with a flick of his wrist then scooped up the cards and shuffled them. “We’ll deal you in.”

“Hey,” Resler grumbled, “I was winning.”

“Don’t be an ass.” Drake tapped the cards on the table.

Samantha rolled her shoulders and waited for their bickering to die down. Stars she was tired. It had been twenty grueling hours of flight prep, getting up to speed on the peculiarities of the Dove and getting them all safely into skipspace—that wonderful state that bent the laws of ordinary physics and made faster than light travel possible.

She’d spent the last four hours walking the ship, doing systems checks, and she needed sleep before she had to be back at the pilot’s station to prep for the first skip-point. At each skip-point the ship had to drop back to normal space for the skip-field generator’s cool-down period before jumping again. The Dove was top of the line. She could probably recalculate to a 48 hour interval between skip-points. Unfortunately, she had to stick to the standard 36, if she wanted to end up at the rendezvous coordinates on schedule to meet Sevti’s people.

The ship was in tip-top shape, but she couldn’t boast the same. She needed to find a bed and climb in, but first she needed fuel. And she refused to fill her own belly until the Arena Dogs had been fed. Their cages had built-in waste and water units, but no rations. She couldn’t let Drake’s decree stand.

Patience gone, she filled her lungs, ready to shout for their attention. “The Arena Dogs, Mr. Drake. I won’t let them go hungry.”

He flipped the triangular cards through his hands again. “It’s not your concern, Sam.”

She pinched the bridge of her nose and willed away the building headache. “As pilot, the wellbeing of everyone on board is my responsibility.”

Drake set the cards down in a tidy stack. “They aren’t passengers.” He twisted in his seat to face her more fully. “They’re property. And my responsibility, not yours. But, if it will ease your mind, there’s nothing to worry about. The Dogs were engineered for endurance and efficiency. They can easily survive without food for the three week journey.”

That stopped her for a half a minute. He said it so casually and looked at her like he thought it made everything all right. “It might be true, but it’s also cruel. The ship is fully stocked. There’s no reason to let them suffer.”

Resler smirked then reached over and snagged a chunk of tuber from his plate. “You should tell her.”

Drake shot the man a glare to rival the chill of space.

“Tell me what?” She considered that look and what it might mean. If there was something, anything, she could use to break through his resolve she’d jump at it and worry about the consequences later. Fisting her hands on her hips, she stepped close enough to tower over the seated men. “I get it. You’re afraid.”

All expression slipped off Drake’s face. “Afraid? Of you?”

“Not me. The Arena Dogs.”

“Ha!” Drake slid off of the seat then stood, forcing her to look up to hold his gaze.

Samantha resisted the urge to step back.

He leaned in, crowding her even more. “They’re afraid of me, not the other way around.”

She’d been bullied by bigger men. “You’d have to get close to the cages to feed them. I think you’re afraid they’d make a grab for you.”

He shook his head and smiled. “Did you really think I’d be that easy to provoke?”

She shrugged, impressed that he saw through her ploy. She’d have to be careful not to underestimate him again, but that didn’t mean she was ready to give up. “Prove it then. Feed them.”

The smile tightened, giving him the pinched look of a man wearing a belt synched one notch too far. “I’ve worked with them—no bars between us—for years. If I wanted to feed them, I would.”

Samantha nodded. “Sure. But I bet you had a bunch of guards there to back you up.”

He stepped forward and her muscles tensed in reaction, but he brushed past. The pop of a storage bin opening drew her around as he dug into one of the built-in containers that lined the wall.

He pulled out a protein ration bar and tossed it to her. “If you want to bet, I’ve got a better wager.”

Stealing Mercury is available now at:

US: Kindle  |  Nook  | Kobo  | iBooks  |  Inketera

Kindle Int’l  AU  | DE  | FR  |  UK  |  CA

SFRB Summer Cafe Blog Hop – Week 5: June 29th – July 5th: SUPERNOVA

This week, visit each blog below to learn more about all of the SuperNova, SuperHot SFR Stories we have on tap for you. Many of the blogs have giveaways, all have something fun for readers!

And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter prize draw:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


SFR Brigade Summer Cafe Week 2 – Weird Science


Here is a little more of the SFR Brigade’s summertime treat:

” It’s Week Two of the SFR Brigade Summer Cafe, and we’re serving up some wacky Weird Science for your enjoyment! So what is weird science? Well, it’s anything that involves the more imaginative kind of science – genetic engineering, mutation, zombies, superheroes, advance/enhanced humans, biological experiments, Frankenstein’s Monster type stories – if it’s science and it’s freaky, it’s in! In the menu card you’ll find our servings of SFR: starters are shorter length stories, the main courses provide something more substantial, and desserts give you a sweeter finish. You’ll also find this week’s prize bundle listed under extras, and all the prizes on offer are to the same theme of space opera. One winner will be chosen by rafflecopter at the end of the week (and the rafflecopter only appears on the participating blogs).

To visit the participants in the Weird Science menu, simply click on one of the blogs below and show your appreciation at each with a little comment love if you could. Who knows, it might win you some extra goodies too!

Please visit the participants below, 8th-12th June, to find out about their serving of scifi romance and to enter the raffle for books and prizes..”

Liana Brooks Teresa D’amario Aurora Springer’s Novels
High Flying Fiction Author Deborah A Bailey
Upon the Wings of Greater Things S.A. Hoag, Writer

Quoted from: