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To celebrate TJ’s official release date, here is a fun snippet for you!

Tempting Jupiter Excerpt:  good ideas 

Feeona shot him a look. “I am known to have good ideas on occasion.”

He pulled her into his arms and pressed her body up against his, meeting her eyes with fierce concentration. Slowly, he lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers, kissing her with small nips. His tongue slipped out to tease her lips open and he pushed into her mouth.

She kissed him back. Her senses were full of him. His scent. The heat of his body pressed all along hers. As slowly as he’d started he withdrew, leaving her bereft and glorious at the same time. Her heart beat strong and impatient. Her lips tingled. Heat from somewhere inside her pressed against her too tight skin.

Jupiter’s lips slowly stretched into a wide smile. “I have plenty of my own ideas right now. You can take the rest of the night off.”

Ideas? Oh yeah. They’d been talking about good ideas. She let her happiness escape on a laugh. She peeked around his shoulder to Seneca who was still sprawled on the cushions. “How about you? Do you have any good ideas we should consider?” It was her way to let him know she wanted him to join in the game they were playing.

Seneca raised his silver eyebrows. “I have ideas, but I’m content to follow Jupiter’s lead.”

She winked. “Me too. He is the biggest.”

“Pleasingly so, I’m sure.” Seneca’s gaze shifted to Jupiter’s ass in his form fitting training pants.

She shifted her attention to Jupiter’s well deserved smirk. He was big all over and she remembered just how good that had felt. “Can we go to bed now?”

“Demanding female,” Jupiter complained. Warmth coated the mock gruffness in his voice.

Seneca shifted across the cushions then stood. “I think she deserves a little indulgence.”

Jupiter lifted her up and guided her thighs to his hips. “I agree.” He pressed one more soft kiss to her lips then carried her up the steps.

Looking over his shoulder, she had a great view of Seneca flowing up the stairs behind them. Despite being all Dog, his body was part dancer, part cat. Grace and lazy confidence. Whatever had been in the way before, had been resolved.

Tonight she would have them both.

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  • Lis'Anne Harris
    November 21, 2017 at 11:21 am

    Hot diggity dog! Read it and loved every word! I can’t wait for the next episode! 😍